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Cub Scouts

Cub Scouts is a family scouting program for boys and girls starting in kindergarten through 5th grade.  Scouts complete adventures to earn rank badges each year while having fun, learning, and making friends.  As a family program, Cub Scouts promotes family participation by encouraging the entire family to join camping trips, events, and meetings.  To learn more about our Cub Scout pack, please go to our Cub Scouts page.

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Scouts BSA – Boys

The Boy Scout program was officially renamed Scouts BSA in February 2019, however it will remain the same program it has been for over a hundred years.  The purpose of Scouts BSA is to promote character and leadership development while at the same time enjoying the outdoors and learning practical life skills.  For more information about our boys troop, please go to our Scouts BSA – Boys Troop page.

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Scouts BSA – Girls

Boy Scouts of America officially welcomed girls aged 11-17 to the Scouts BSA program in February 2019.  Girls have the same opportunity to participate in the “game with a purpose” and learn leadership development, outdoor and practical skills, while having fun and creating memories.  For more information about our girls troop, please go to our Scouts BSA – Girls Troop page.

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